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IGNOU MBA Assignment

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MS 5 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Explain Product design. How does it influence the Process Design? 2. Define Job Design. Identify the important factors and their influences in designing the Job. 3. What do you mean by Production Planning & Control (PPC)? Explain the role of aggregate planning in PPC. 4. What is value Engineering and Analysis. Explain how to organize value engineering function in shoe manufacturing organization. 5. Explain with the help of block diagram the purchasing decision making process in an engineering organization. Briefly discuss the process of vendor rating. 6. Write short notes … [Read more...]

MS 4 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Explain the various accounting concepts and examine the role of accounting concepts in the preparation of financial statements. 2. Explain the meaning of fund flow statement. How would you compute funds from operations in order to prepare sources and usage statement of funds? 3. What is CVP analysis? How does it differ from break-even analysis? 4. An analytical statement of Altos Limited is shown below. It is based on an output (sales) level of 80,000 units.                                                                    Rs. Sales 9,60,000 Variable … [Read more...]

MS 3 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. “All modern economies have certain economic problems to deal with”. Examine and illustrate the statement. Answer. The fundamental economic problem is that desires and needs are higher than available resources, limited resources for limitless wants and needs that causes problem. Read more on Three basic economic problems 2. Briefly examine the growth of SSI in the post-reforms period. 3. Critically analyze the achievements and adverse effects of regulatory framework in the course of India’s industrialization. 4. Distinguish between free trade and protection. Discuss the merits … [Read more...]

MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1) What are the primary objectives, focus, and purpose of Selection Tests and Interview in the whole process of Hiring in organisational set up? Critically examine their usefulness, and importance in the short term and long term functioning and culture of the organisation. Draw from the experiences you are familiar with. Describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to. 2) What are the problems usually encountered in the Performance Appraisal in organisations? How are and whether these problems taken care of at the ground level reality in organisational set up? Critically … [Read more...]

MS 1 Ignou Mba Assignments July – Dec 2013

1) What are the Institution Building Skills of the Top Executives in organisational set up? Explain with examples from various Institution Building Personalities quoting their role relating to various skills which contributed in Institution Building. Briefly describe the organisational history you are referring to. Answer. Top managers are often thought of as the people who make critical decisions inside an organisation. Top executives require skills which supports building an institution or organisation. More on Institution Building Skills of the Top Executives and Managers 2) What are … [Read more...]

MS-65 June 2013 Marketing of Services

1. Assume you are a team member of the marketing research department of a low cost domestic airline. Your manager has asked you to evaluate the service quality of the airline. How would you go about It.? What service quality dimensions would you use to evaluate the same? 2. Explain the importance of physical evidence and word of mouth communication for a health service provider. 3. Explain the role of non-monetary costs in pricing of services taking example of any service industry. 4. Being the marketing manager of a leading domestic tours and travels company of your country, discuss … [Read more...]

MS-64 June 2013 International Marketing

1. You are the marketing head of newly opened international division of a leading domestic company manufacturing home appliances. Suggest various factors that you will keep in mind while finalizing the international markets for your product. 2. Explain the difference between ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric orientations. How do these orientations affect international marketing practices? 3. ‘Cultural diversities across countries impact the marketing strategies of an international marketer’. Justify the statement by giving suitable examples. 4. You are an … [Read more...]

MS-63 June 2013 Product Management

1. Briefly explain the concept of product life cycle. Taking the example of any product of your choice, elaborate its life cycle stage in context of your country. Also suggest suitable pricing and promotional strategies for the same. 2. How would you use attribute analysis technique for generating new product ideas for the following products? (a) Refrigerator (b) Room Freshener 3. A newly formed cosmetic company has planned to introduce a range of hair care products especially meant for dry hair. The company has decided to target the middle income group only. (a) Identify suitable brand … [Read more...]

MS-62 June 2013 Sales Management

1) a) Explain the important role of Sales and Distribution in the exchange process with suitable examples. b) What is Personal Selling? Critically evaluate the growing importance of personal selling in the present market environment. 2) a) Discuss the importance of selling skills in personal selling function. b) Suggest suitable presentation strategy in the following situations. i) Creating awareness for safe drinking water among rural people ii) Presenting your self the suitability for a senior sales position for the top management of an MNC. 3) a) What are the various methods or … [Read more...]

MS-61 June 2013 Consumer Behaviour

1. You are the marketing head of leading retail chain dealing in electronic items. Your company has planned to launch the online store for the same. What segmentation approach would you use to effectively segment the market and why? 2. Explain the concept of culture and subculture. Discuss the relevance of sub cultural segmentation in case of the following. (a) Food chains (Restaurants) (b) Women apparels 3. You are a member of the purchase committee that has been formed to purchase fifty laptops for your company. Being a member of purchase committee, what criteria would you … [Read more...]