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Ignou Mba Assignments Dec 2013

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MS 65 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Assume you are a team member of the marketing research department of a low cost domestic airline. Your manager has asked you to evaluate the service quality of the airline. How would you go about It.? What service quality dimensions would you use to evaluate the same? 2. Explain the importance of physical evidence and word of mouth communication for a health service provider. 3. Explain the role of non-monetary costs in pricing of services taking example of any service industry. 4. Being the marketing manager of a leading domestic tours and travels company of your country, discuss … [Read more...]

MS 58 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Explain the interaction between science, technology and business. How do these interactions affect industrial growth? Give suitable examples. 2. Are innovations and creativity interrelated? Discuss the various methods of enhancing or maintaining the creativity. 3. Discuss the rationale of partnership in innovation and R&D. Explain the different types of partnership for this purpose. 4. What are the different types of R&D projects? Explain the concept of project life cycle with examples relating to a specific technology or product. 5. What resources are required for … [Read more...]

MS 57 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Elaborate your understanding about maintenance planning and scheduling. 2. Explain the importance of maintenance budgeting. Discuss the advantages of Zero Based Budget. 3. What do you understand by the term ‘Total Safety Management’? Differentiate between investigation of incidents and audits. 4. What do you mean by Reliability? How it is different from Quality? Explain BATH-TUB CURVE. 5. Explain Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and its process of implementation. 6. Write the short notes on the following a) Terotechnology b) Spare Parts Inventory c) Total Productive … [Read more...]

MS 56 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. If the responsibility for maintaining the quality of the product and incurring less cost on its production is the responsibility of the “production/ operation” and deciding the price of the product and finding the customers that will buy it comes under “marketing”. What do the “materials management function” does? 2. How does JIT differ from MRPII? Briefly discuss the basic requirements and assumptions of JIT implementation. 3. What do you understand by the term codification? What type of information should be built into a code? 4. Differentiate between a. Purchasing and … [Read more...]

MS 55 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. “It is the integration of the business processes of all firms in the supply chain where the real gold can be found”. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your answer. 2. Correlate the practical problems and factors influencing the transportation of a company or carrier. 3. Give an example of a channel assembly supply chain and explain how a third party logistics (3PL) company executes this. 4. What are supply chain performance measure systems? Discuss two frameworks that are used in measuring the performance of supply chains. … [Read more...]

MS 44 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. What do you understand by risk? Explain the various types of risks. Risk means the possibility of loss caused by a given action or inaction. In finance, risk refers to the probability that an actual return on an investment will probably be less than the expected return. Financial risk could be split into following classes: Basic risk, Capital risk, Country risk. Read about Risk here 2. Discuss the objectives and functions of Securities and Exchange Board of India. Answer. SEBI is the regulatory body for the investment market in India. The key function of SEBI (Securities and … [Read more...]

MS 29 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1) Explain the term ‘International Human Resource Management’. Discuss in detail the differences between domestic and international HR practices. 2) a) Briefly explain the importance of Performance Management from international context. b) What criteria should be evolved before assessing an expatriate? c) Discuss an expatriate Performance Management Model. 3) Discuss in detail different barriers to cross-cultural communication and the challenges related to it. 4) Briefly discuss the issues relating to international Industrial relations. Give few examples as to how trade unions have … [Read more...]

MS 28 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Explain the concept, origin and objectives of Labour Legislations. Describe the regulative protective and wage related labour legislations which have been followed in an organisation you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to. 2. Explain the scope and coverage of the Mines Act, 1952. Describe the enforcement of the Act. Discuss the provisions regarding working hours for adults under the Act. 3. Explain the principal objectives, scope and coverage of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947-1. Describe the various machineries for investigation and settlement … [Read more...]

MS 27 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Explain the role of Compensation. Why is an effective Compensation Policy an important function of Management? Discuss. Describe the compensation structure of an organisation you are familiar with. 2. Explain the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. Is the employer liable to pay minimum bonus even in case of loss in the establishment? Discuss. Describe, when an employee can become disqualified to claim bonus citing suitable example from an organisation you are familiar with. 3. Explain the Concept of job-evaluation. Describe the methods and systems of job-evaluation that have been followed … [Read more...]

MS 26 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. What is alienation? Explain the Sociological and Psychological approach to alienation. Discuss how alienation can be dealt with an example. Answer. Alienation refers to a condition in social relationships indicated by a low level of integration. Read on What are the Causes of Alienation 2. Describe how stress can be managed and identify the strategies to cope with stress and burn out. Illustrate with reference to an organisation as to what strategies they use to deal with stress. Answer. Most of us experience stres in our lives. Read How to manage stress at workplace 3. Discuss … [Read more...]