IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 11 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Explain how the concept of leverage stretch and fit positions the firm in the market. Illustrate your answer with the help of examples. 2. What are ‘Strategic groups’? Explain how the strategic groups help the organizations in understanding the competition within the industry. 3. Discuss the additional consideration for using experience curve effect. 4. Chose an organization of your choice, which is expanding. Explain which type of intensification strategy the organization is following and why. 5. Explain as to how the quality strategic decisions are affected with the change in … [Read more...]

MS 10 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. What are the different approaches to organisation? Briefly explain the 7s model with the help of examples. 2. Discuss the universal perspectives of Organisational Design. Identify the restructuring strategy being adopted by an organisation you are familiar with and make a brief analysis of the contingent factors that have influenced the strategy of the said organisation. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to 3. Explain the contemporary approaches to job design citing suitable examples. 4. Define organisational diagnosis. Discus different methods of organisational … [Read more...]

MS 9 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. “The opportunity cost of anything is the return that can be had from the next best alternative use.” Explain this statement with reference to gun-versus-butter debate. 2. Describe each of the variables of demand function separately with the help of examples. 3. Break-even production of a firm is 4,000 units, its total fixed cost is Rs. 40,000 and the variable cost per unit is Rs. 20. (a) Find out the price of the product. (b) What should be the firm’s output to earn profit contribution of Rs. 20,000? 4. “Price discrimination refers to the situation where a monopoly firm … [Read more...]

MS 8 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Calculate mean, median and mode from the following data relating to production of a steel mill on 60 days. Production (in Tons per day) 21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30 Number of Days 7 13 22 10 8 2. In an automobile, the shaft (it converts translatory motion to rotatory motion) can fail either due to failure of bearing or failure of slider crankshaft mechanism. The probabilities of failure of bearing and crankshaft are 0.2 and 0.3, respectively, and the probabilities of failure of shaft due to failure of bearing and due to failure of crankshaft are 0.5 and 0.6, … [Read more...]

MS 7 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Define the Internet, Intranet, and e-commerce. Write a note on e-commerce. What are the advantages of e-commerce over conventional business? 2. Discuss why management needs information. Is it possible for the management of an organization to make effective decisions without the aid of an information system? Discuss. 3. Indentify the role of transaction processing system in the development information system. Suggest few modules, you would like to add to improve the Marketing Information System. 4. What are the three major areas of feasibility, which are addressed in system … [Read more...]

MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. (a) Distinguish Product Marketing Vs Services Marketing with suitable illustrations. (b) The essence of Marketing is a “Transaction”. Explain the underlying meaning of the above statement and give reasons in support of your answer with suitable examples. 2. (a) What are the major objectives of promotion strategy in a manufacturing and Marketing organization? Suggest suitable promotion mix in the following categories : i) Banking Services ii) Smart phones iii) Mineral Water (b) Explain the concept of market segmentation. Why do marketing firms undertake such segmentation … [Read more...]

MS 4 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. “Accounting is closely connected with control”. Elaborate this statement and discuss the role of accounting feedback in the process of control. 2. The balance sheets of XYZ Ltd. as on Dec. 31 st, 2013 and 2014 are given below: Balance Sheets of XYZ Ltd. (Figure in Rs.) Liabilities 31.12.2013 31.12.2014 Assets 31.12.2013 31.12.2014 Share Capital 6,00,000 8,00,000 Fixes Assets 16,00,000 19,00,000 Capital Reserve  ----- 20,000 Less Dep. 4,60,000 5,80,000 General Reserve 3,40,000 4,00,000 11,40,000 5,80,000  Profit & Loss … [Read more...]

MS 5 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Explain in detail the framework of planning, organizing and control decisions in production systems. Give suitable examples to explain the framework. 2. What are the major techniques of work measurement? Discuss two important techniques with suitable examples. 3. Under what circumstances would you use PERT as opposed to CPM in project management? Give some example of projects where each would be more applicable than the other. 4. Explain the basic concept of value engineering. Choose any product, system or procedure that you are conversant with and apply the  value tests to find … [Read more...]

MS 3 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Explain environment of business in detail and examine the interaction between economic environment and business management giving suitable examples. 2. Evaluate the working and performance of public sector in India. 3. a) Describe the salient features of the protective policy adopted by the government for Small Scale Industry (SSI). b) State the objective and achievements of administered price mechanism. 4. a) Analyse the need for foreign capital for a developing country. Give illustrations. b) Define Balance of Payments (BoP). Briefly discuss the significance and composition of … [Read more...]

MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Briefly explain the need for, types of, and the uses of various psychological tests in the evaluation of candidates during the recruitment and selection process of an organization. Explain with examples you have had in the organization you have been working in, or you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization and the context, you are referring to. 2. What is competency mapping? Briefly describe various methods involved in it. Explain the competency approach to job analysis. Explain/reflect on the benefits of competency mapping in organisational functioning and observance of … [Read more...]