IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 64 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Distinguish between the following: (a) Free Trade Area and Customs Union (b) Polycentric and Ethnocentric Orientations 2. Explain the various products – communications strategies available to an international marketer, giving suitable examples. 3. Briefly explain the components of international advertising strategy. What are the relative advantages of standardization and adaptation of an international advertising programme. 4. What do you understand by the term ‘Political Risk’? Explain the strategies available to international marketers for management of political risk. 5. A … [Read more...]

MS 63 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Briefly explain the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC). Do all the products follow the bell shaped curve of PLC? Discuss giving suitable examples. 2. Discuss the various functions performed by packaging in marketing of consumer goods, giving suitable examples. 3. Explain the stages involved in new product development process, giving suitable examples. 4. Taking the example of packaged fruit juice explain the alternative bases available to the marketers for its positioning. 5. Read the case given below and answer the questions given at the end of the case. Homemade Icecream … [Read more...]

MS 62 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. (a) Explain the importance, scope and relevance of Sales Management Function in the current Indian business environment. (b) Why and when personal selling method become’s appropriate and inevitable? Illustrate with two examples of your choice. 2. (a) Discuss the different types of selling skills that a salesman ought to possess in performing and discharging the responsibilities assigned. (b) Sales presentation and Sales displays are two critical activities which are increasingly becoming most important for the marketer in promotion of the firms offering. Discuss the above statement … [Read more...]

MS 61 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Imagine yourself as a retailer for menswear and propose how you would use lifestyle approach to succeed in your venture. 2. What is meant by subliminal persuasion? Explain the various subliminal techniques. 3. Define personality. What are the differences between the trait theory and the psychoanalytic theory of personality? 4. What is a reference group? Name two reference groups that are important to you. In what ways do they influence you in your purchasing behaviour? 5. You are a marketing manager of a company that has started manufacturing washing machines. How will you … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Discuss the interlinkages between some of the new management techniques such as TQM, JIT and Activity Based Costing, with the conceptual foundations of Management Control Systems. 2. Select any Organization of your choice and study in detail whether Responsibility Centers are essential for that Organization or not? If you think the Responsibility Centers are essential describe how the Organization should go about it. 3. A Fertilizer company has given the following budget expense for the production of 10,000 bags of a particular product. Per unit Direct materials Rs. … [Read more...]

MS 42 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. What is meant by cost of capital? How is cost of long term debt and preference share capital calculated? How is average weighted cost of capital measured? Explain. 2. Define and explain the term, 'Capital Structure'. Critically examine the Net Income approach and Net Operating Income approach to capital structure theories. 3. Discuss the various components of project planning. Explain the application of Work Breakdown structure in monitoring and controlling a project. 4. What are the major global sources of financing? Distinguish between Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio … [Read more...]

MS 41 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Collect the Financial Statements of any two firms from the same industry for 2014-2015 and calculate their Efficiency, Liquidity and Structural Ratios. Based on these ratios give your views on the working capital management of these firms. 2. The Ratan Corporation sells goods earning a gross profit of 25% on sales. You are required to prepare a Statement showing the Working Capital requirement of the company adding 10% margin for contingencies from the annual figures given below : Rs Sales 3,00,000 Materials used 1,08,000 Wages 96,000 Manufacturing … [Read more...]

MS 24 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Describe the Industrial relations in India. Discuss the current developments in industrial relations and high light the current issues and challenges in Industrial relations with suitable examples. 2. Explain the obligations, rights and functions of trade unions. Discuss the present position of trade unions in India. What are your suggestions for strengthening of trade unions in India? 3. Explain the concept and objectives of Workers Participation in Management (WPM). Describe the historical development of workers participation in management. Discuss the workers involvement practices … [Read more...]

MS 23 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Explain the forecasting demand for employees. Describe various issues in demand forecasting with suitable examples from an organization you are familiar with. 2. What do you mean by job evaluation? Describe the methods of job evaluation being used in an organization you are familiar with. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the job evaluation methods. 3. Explain the meaning of orientation, objectives, policy and contents of orientation. Describe the orientation programme of any organization you are familiar with. 4. What is career planning? Discuss the aims and objectives of … [Read more...]

MS 22 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Discuss the process of coaching. What are the basic steps followed in conducting coaching and mentoring in an organization? Explain with an example. 2. What is compensation system? Explain how reward management is carried out in an organisation citing relevant examples. 3. What is international theory building in HRD? Explain the HRS trends in multinational companies. 4. What is 360 degree feedback? Explain how 360 degree appraisal is carried out in an organisation. Cite examples. … [Read more...]