IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 54 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. What is the relevance of the Nolan’s Stage Growth Model for the study of information systems in today’s organisation? 2. What are the various stages of a system development life cycle and how are the efforts distributed over these phases? 3. What are the various ways in which serial transmission can be achieved? Explain each way in detail. 4. List the five problems which may motivate an organization to move toward the database approach. Explain the significance of each one to a manager to an organization. 5. (a) “Compute virus is a major threat to compute security.” Justify the … [Read more...]

MS 53 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. A principle feature of JIT and TQM is large-scale employee involvement and employee empowerment. What do these concepts mean? Explain with suitable examples. 2. What are the various methods of judgmental forecasting? Comment on possible errors that are associated with judgmental forecasting. Suggest some do’s and don’t for carrying out judgmental forecasting. 3. Capacity will be modified in response to demand. Demand will be modified in response to capacity. Which of these two statements is correct? Give reasons for your answer. 4. Discuss briefly the major differences between … [Read more...]

MS 52 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. What is the concept of concurrent engineering in project management and how can it be used to optimise project durations? 2. Economic analysis is done from societal point of view in contrast to financial analysis which is a private appraisal from the viewpoint of a producer. How does it bring about a change in the methods of evaluation? Describe with examples. 3. A project comprising of eight tasks (A to H) has the following characteristics: Tasks Preceding Tasks Time Duration In Weeks Optimistic Most … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. What are the implications of the ethical dimension in Management Control? Explain with the help of organisation of your choice. Give your suggestions on how the Management Control System could be made more effective? 2. ‘Every Responsibility Centre Manager in an organisation is an Expense Centre Manager also’. Do you agree with this statement and if so, try to demonstrate the same by giving examples. 3. Explain Performance Reporting in detail? What are the uses and limitations of Performance Reports? 4. What are the difficulties that you may face while designing the Management … [Read more...]

MS 42 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. What is cost of Capital? How is it calculated for different sources of Capital? How is average weighted cost of Capital measured? 2. Discuss the various components of project planning. Explain the application o f work breakdown structure in monitoring and controlling a project. 3. What are major global sources of financing? Distinguish between Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment. 4. What are the major factors that are taken into consideration for determining the dividend policy of a company? Compare Walter’s Model with Gordon’s Model and examine their … [Read more...]

MS 41 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. As a Finance Manager describe the various factors that you would take into consideration before assessing the working capital requirements. 2. The Average Monthly Usage of a particular item in Reliable Industries Limited in the current year is expected to be 3000 units. The fixed cost per order is Rs. 1500/-. The purchase price is Rs. 2400 per box, containing a dozen units in each box. It, however, is not necessary to order for the full box of 12 units. The inventory carrying cost is 25% of the inventory value per annum. The quantity discount allowed per unit is 2%. What will be the … [Read more...]

MS 24 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Explain the historical perspective of Industrial relations in India. Discuss the issues and challenges facing by the organizations related to industrial relations in an organization you are familiar with. 2. Explain the meaning, origin and growth of trade unions in India. Describe the present trade union scenario of an industrial area with which you are familiar. What are your suggestions for strengthing the trade unions in India. 3. Explain the concept and objectives of Workers Participation in Management (WPM). Describe the structure, levels of participation, degrees and forms of … [Read more...]

MS 23 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Explain the concept of Human Resource forecasting. Describe the forecasting demand for employees in any organization you are familiar with. Discuss the issues in demand forecasting. 2. Explain the concept of job evaluation and objectives of job evaluation. Describe the various job evaluation methods with suitable examples from any organization you are familiar with. 3. Discuss the aims and objectives of career planning. Describe the process, structure and benefits of career planning. Explain at least two ways that career planning might benefit an individual. 4. Explain the concept, … [Read more...]

MS 11 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Select a specific type of business that you may wish to start. a) Develop a written mission statement for that business. b) Formulate a set of goals for the business c) Formulate specific and verifiable objectives in the lines of the goals. d) Devise a statement of social responsibility for the business. 2. Explain the three generic strategies for a Small Business Unit (SBU). Also give an example of a business unit that competes with each strategy. 3. Assume that an airline company has changed its strategy from low-cost to low-cost- differentiation strategy. Describe an … [Read more...]

MS 10 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Describe various approaches to understand organisations and their relevance in the present day context. Give examples. 2. Describe and discuss any three types of organizational structures and their advantages and disadvantages with examples. 3. Briefly discuss the concept and purpose of organizational diagnosis. Discuss interview as a diagnosistic tool and it’s limitations with relevant examples. 4. What are the different stages of organizational development? Discuss T- Group Training as an intervention for organizational Development with an example. 5. Describe and discuss the … [Read more...]