IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 3 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. “All modern economies have certain economic problems to deal with”. Examine and illustrate the statement. Answer. The fundamental economic problem is that desires and needs are higher than available resources, limited resources for limitless wants and needs that causes problem. Read more on Three basic economic problems 2. Briefly examine the growth of SSI in the post-reforms period. 3. Critically analyze the achievements and adverse effects of regulatory framework in the course of India’s industrialization. 4. Distinguish between free trade and protection. Discuss the merits … [Read more...]

MS-03 June 2013 Economic and Social Environment

1. “Management at all levels of specialized functions, is influenced by the critical elements of the business environment”. Explain with suitable examples. 2. What is the exact position of China in so far as its economic system/structure and the role of the Government are concerned? How would you describe its economic system? 3. Name and briefly describe a sick unit with which you are familiar or identify one such unit and briefly attempt the following: a) Factors which caused sickness, including management failures and the present position. b) Measures, if any, initiated for … [Read more...]

MS-03 Dec 2012 Economic and Social Environment

1. Briefly review the New Economic Policy of 1991. Highlight the landmark developments undertaken in the field of Public Sector Policy. 2. State the measures taken by Indian Government to tackle industrial sickness in SSI and Non-SSI Sector. . 3. “An important objective of industrial policy and licensing is to prevent the emergence of private monopolies and the concentration of economic power in the hands of a small number of individuals.” Briefly examine this statement. 4. How is Current Account Convertibility different from Capital Account Convertibility? Explain. 5. “The … [Read more...]