IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 45 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. What are the special features of the Euro bond market? How do bond markets in general differ from equity markets? 2. Why do foreign exchange rates fluctuates? How do these fluctuations affect us? What can be done to minimize these fluctuations? 3. How Does Export Credits Guarantee Corporation assist international trade? Give details of the various policies issued by it. 4. Explain why cost of capital for MNCs is different from that of domestic firms? Discuss how cut of rate for foreign projects determined while appraising the project. 5. What does deficit in the Balance of … [Read more...]

MS 45 Solved Assignment July – Dec 2013 IGNOU MBA

On this page we have tried to provide you MS 45 Solved Assignment of July - Dec 2013 for IGNOU MBA. Some tips for answers are given below for your reference. It will help you in solving MS-45 assignments. 1. Explain in detail how the financial architecture has evolved over a period of time. Answer. The financial architecture is the global structure of legalised agreements, institutions, both formal and informal economic actors which jointly help in international flows of financial capital for the purpose of investment and trade financing. This architecture has developed substantially … [Read more...]

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