IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 94 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. How is technology helpful in designing the business strategies of a firm? Explain with the help of a suitable example. 2. List out of the various routes of technology transfer. Choose a firm you are acquainted with, which has adopted a specific route of technology transfer for its product. Discuss the merits and demerits involved in adopting the specific route by the firm. 3. Discuss the different phases of diffusion. Explain how the diffusion process can be improved in a firm. 4. What do you understand by Technology Management Group? Explain why is it essential for an organization … [Read more...]

MS 94 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. Explain how R & D can be a source of competitive advantage for a business organization. Illustrate your answer with the help of an example. 2. Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate technologies giving examples. List out the accepted criteria for selecting appropriate technology in the contemporary situation. 3. Discuss the concept of Relevance Tree Technique. Explain the use of this technique in the present context. 4. What are the various source of technology information? How are they useful at the enterprise level in the present context? Explain. … [Read more...]

MS 94 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. How does managing technology help in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage? Explain with the help of an example from the business world. Answer. Technology management enables businesses to manage their technological fundamentals to build competitive advantage. Popular concepts used in technology management are technology strategy, technology forecasting, mapping technologies to business and market needs, technology project portfolio etc....... Technological selections have got a significant influence on the organi[ation, its work force, and society. These decisions are never … [Read more...]

MS 94 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. Every now and then we witness many technological changes that affect our day to day functioning and the production of goods and services. Discuss any such technological change and its impact on our day to day life. 2. Discuss giving examples, the importance of generation, up gradation or improvement of technology. 3. Explain different types of technology transfer and discuss how the impact of such transfers is assessed. Support your answer with relevant examples. 4. How important is technology to: • Economic development • Progress of society • Improvement in the quality of … [Read more...]