MS 10 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2018

Q1. How organisation can be seen be seen as a political system, explain with the help of three different frames to understand political system. Explain to what extent technology can have impact on organisational design.

Q2. Why recent organisational structure is inclined more towards organic structure where there is no formalisation and unwritten norms which my lead to chaos in an organisation? Discuss your answer stating why organic structure is better than Mechanic organisation.

Q3. Why there is need of Human engineering? Explain the importance of work improvement and work measurement in organising and analysing work.

Q4. Discuss under what conditions Questionnaire is not a valid diagnostic tool. How interview overcomes the limitations of questionnaire?

Q5. Why T-Group training is beneficial for organisation as well as individual? Discuss in brief various phases of Planned Change.

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