MS 11 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2017

1. Choose an organization of your choice from the aviation industry. Perform a SWOT analysis on the organization. Based on the SWOT analysis, list out the challenges the organization is facing. Explain how these challenges can be converted into opportunities.

2. Identify two organizations of your choice from the pharmaceutical industry. One which is a single business unit (SBU) and the other which has several related businesses. Analyze the corporate profile of each company from the published information available.

3. Select an organization of your choice, which has adopted a differentiation strategy. Analyze as to how the differentiation strategy has made an impact to the organization to build its competitive advantage.

4. Explain with the help of illustration, why portfolio analysis is necessary for multi-product organizations.

5. Why is strategic evaluation important for firms? Explain with the help of suitable examples.

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