MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Briefly explain the need for, types of, and the uses of various psychological tests in the evaluation of candidates during the recruitment and selection process of an organization. Explain with examples you have had in the organization you have been working in, or you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization and the context, you are referring to.

2. What is competency mapping? Briefly describe various methods involved in it. Explain the competency approach to job analysis. Explain/reflect on the benefits of competency mapping in organisational functioning and observance of various organisational processes, drawing from the experience you have come across having worked in an organization. Briefly describe the context and the organization you are referring to, to help understand your answers.

3. Define and describe the ‘role systems’, distinguish between the ‘position’ and the ‘role’ in a ‘system’. Explain the significance of ‘role’ in ‘person-system integration’ based on your organisational experience or the ones you are aware of. Explain the role and significance of ‘person – system integration’ in determining effectiveness of the teams in an organisation. Briefly describe the vital details of the organization and the situation to support you answers.

4. Discuss the dynamics and relationship between motivation and rewards. Critically evaluate the role of financial reward systems and different types of employee benefits in improving organisational performance. Explain with the help of the experience you have had in the organisational situation/s, or the ones you are aware of. Briefly explain the organization and the context you are referring to.

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