MS – 22 June 2013 Human Resource Development

1. What are the phases of organisational Development and the conditions for its success? Describe with the help of the realistic account of the system prevailing in the organisation you are working in or familiar with. Give brief detail of the organisation and the context you are referring to.

2. How are Performance Management Systems different from Appraisal System? Explain with the help of an organisational example known to you or you are familiar with. Describe the context and organisation you are referring to.

3. Can any underlying characteristic required for performing a given task, activity or role successfully be considered as competency? Elaborate and explain the concepts and discuss various facets underlying this statement. Site example as to how is Competency Mapping done in an organisational set up known to you or you are familiar with. Describe the organisation and the context, you are referring to.

4. “HRD Audit play a role in the development of an organization”. Critically evaluate with the example from the organisation you are familiar with, referring to various aspects of HRD Audit. Briefly describe the organisational set up you are referring to.

5. Explain the learning cycle concept proposed by David Kolb (1984) and discuss its relevance with the organisational situation you are in or familiar with. Critically evaluate its efficacy with respect to developing/changing mindset. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to.

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