MS 23 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Explain the concept of Human Resource forecasting. Describe the forecasting demand for employees in any organization you are familiar with. Discuss the issues in demand forecasting.

2. Explain the concept of job evaluation and objectives of job evaluation. Describe the various job evaluation methods with suitable examples from any organization you are familiar with.

3. Discuss the aims and objectives of career planning. Describe the process, structure and benefits of career planning. Explain at least two ways that career planning might benefit an individual.

4. Explain the concept, need and scope of HR Audit. Describe the essential steps involved in the auditing process being followed in any organization you are familiar with.

5. Discuss the role of human resource measures and audit in Human Resource Planning system. Describe the transformational process through social, economic, organizational and technological changes at work place.

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