MS 45 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2018

1. Explain the various forms of international financial flows. Discuss the structure of balance of payments and explain the impact of various international financial flows on the structure of balance of payments.

Ans : …. to favor capital mobility across national borders as it…. out the highest rate of return. … flows further offer several advantages….

…flows can be grouped into… other investment….when an investor, in many cases a firm rather than an…. A number of factors affect the flow of foreign direct investment….. to foreign markets also plays a role, as shown by the…. of the recipient country also matters….

…..occurs when investors purchase….buy foreign corporate or …. The market for these… than that for… easier to sell a… far more volatile than foreign…. the expected return on their assets….

Sudden and…. investment took place in countries…. partly reflected the concern that private….

2. Explain the interest rate parity relationship, giving its application and reasons for deviation.

3. What do you understand by exchange rate exposures? Describe different types of exchange rate exposures and the techniques used to manage them.

4. Why is cost of capital important for a firm? Explain the reasons for variations in the cost of capital across different countries.

5. What is meant by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? What forces stimulates FDI in a country? Discuss.

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