MS 5 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2019

1. “Materials handling is the art and science involving the movement, packaging and storing of substances in any form”. In the light of statement, explain the objectives and types of material handling system.

2. What do you understand by work measurement? Explain the various principal techniques used to measure work.

3. What do you understand by the term maintenance management? Discuss the various types of maintenance systems?

4. Define Value Engineering. Briefly explain the seven phases of value engineering job plan.

5. “Classification of materials involves grouping of items according to some criteria”. What are the criteria on the basis of which materials are classified? Explain briefly.

6. Write short notes on any three of the following:-
(i) Behavioural Dimensions of Job Design.
(ii) Plant Layout Factors
(iii) Line of Balance (LOB) for production Control
(iv) Input-Output Waste (I-O-W) Model
(v) Role of Scientific methods in Operations Management

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