MS 5 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2020

1. “Operational level decisions deal with short-term planning and control problems.” Explain the various Operational (short-term) decisions in the light of the statement.

2. “The continuous form of processing requires a great deal of effort while designing.” Explain the characteristics and advantages of the continuous flow processes.

3. “Work sampling is a fact-finding tool.” Comment on the statement. Explain some uses of work sampling and work sampling procedure.

4. Under what circumstances would you use PERT as opposed to CPM in project management? Give some example of projects where each would be more applicable than the other.

5. “One of the powerful statistical techniques of quality control is Acceptance Sampling.” Explain the concept of acceptance sampling in view of the statement.

6. What are the major purposes of product specification and what are the common methods of product specification?

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