MS 56 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Refer the cover page of the study material of MS – 56 Materials Management. What is reflected in the figure given on that? Also distinguish between Logistics and materials management.

2. If the responsibility for maintaining the quality of the product and incurring less cost on its production is the responsibility of the “production/ operation” and deciding the price of the product and finding the customers that will buy it comes under “marketing”. What do the “materials management function” does?

3. List the important documents that are required for purchasing products from foreign suppliers. What are the  essential elements of each of these documents?

4. “A push system controls work release orders, whereas a pull system controls the shop floor. To be more specific, push systems controls throughput (by controlling work release) and measure WIP, whereas pull systems control WIP and measure throughput”. Comment

5. Why Customer Service, Packaging and Production scheduling are considered to be inter- functional management activity? How can they be managed effectively within a functionally organized firm?

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