MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. (a) What do you understand by the term “Marketing”? Discuss the scope and importance of marketing function in the current Indian Business Environment.

(b) Effective Marketing is the result of proper blending of marketing mix elements. Elaborate the above statement with two suitable examples by taking one each from an FMCG and a consumer durable product/Brand of your choice.

2. (a) What are the major reason that marketers undertake segmenting their markets periodically? Explain with suitable example of your choice.

(b) Explain briefly the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC). To what extent monitoring PLC helps enable in accomplishing the marketing objectives of the firm in the following situations:
i) Mobile Hand Set .
ii) Fresh fruit juice.

3. (a) As a Manager, briefly discuss the various considerations involved in the design of marketing organization in the following scenario:
i) Large scale cement manufacturing company
ii) North based woolen garments manufacturer.

(b) Discuss the key steps involved in the selling process. Explain with a suitable example.

4. (a) What is Marketing Research? How do the outcome/results of research help in decision making process? Elaborate by taking an example.

(b) Briefly explain how marketing research helps in New Product Development process/strategy. Discuss the key steps that you would consider in such a development process for the brand extension of a premium toilet soap.

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