MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2019

1. a) Distinguish between a product and service with suitable examples and highlight the unique characteristic that services possess.

b) What are the reasons that marketers should consider human needs and wants while planning for
new products or services to be offered? Explain with a suitable example of your choice.

2. a) Discuss the major elements of marketing mix. Explain how these elements aid in formulating marketing strategies in the following situation.
(i) Cab aggregator (Ola or Uber)
(ii) Selling of heavy engineering equipment.

b) Discuss the concept of a market Vs the concept of market segmentation with suitable examples.

3. a) Every product or service conceived and offered is the outcome of the various behavioral factors
that the marketer should consider. Explain what kind of factors are required in the following.
(i) Low cost Airlines
(ii) Movie viewing in multiplexes

b) What is a Product? Discuss products classification with examples. What is the concept of product life cycle and explain the importance of each of the stages in the following
(i) Brand of smart phone of your choice
(ii) DTH operator in your location

4. a) What are the various branding and packaging decisions that a marketer had to consider and why? Explain with a suitable example the merits and limitations of these decisions.

b) How do pricing polices and practices affect a manufacturing and marketing firm? Explain with an example. What is Sales forecasing? Discuss the various methods and their relevance.

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