MS 64 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Describe the differences between ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric orientations. How do these orientations affect international marketing practices? Explain with the help of examples.

2. A garment manufacturer presently operating in domestic market only wants to go international. Advise the organization regarding various options available to reach foreign markets.

3. Explain the significance of letter of credit in international marketing. Briefly discuss the operation of a letter of credit.

4. “Conducting marketing research across different parts of the globe poses different issues and challenges”. Do you agree with the statement? Discuss with the help of suitable examples.

5. Why do you think a company should or should not market, the same product in the same way around the world? Explain with the help of suitable examples.

6. With the help of an example explain how a marketing manager can use “country attractiveness /competitive strategy” matrix to define the direction of growth for the organization.

7. Give a brief overview of India’s Foreign Trade covering composition, direction and prospects. Try to collect some latest data in this regard. (You may visit various relevant websites eg. RBI, W.T.O, Min. of Commerce , DGFT etc.)

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