MS 68 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. (a) Discuss the concept and role of marketing communication in the following situations .
(i) Product Marketing
(ii) Social Marketing

(b) Explain the consumer behavior variables that help enable in the development of marketing communication.

2. (a) Briefly explain the strategic consideration and creative consideration associated in campaign planning for the following products & services.
(i) newly introduced electric car.
(ii) state road transport services.

(b) What is celebrity advertising? Discuss with two examples its relevance in today’s business environment. Enumerate the major  advantages that a Brand/firm can accrue.

3. (a) “The growth in media and media options are making marketing communication decisions more complex and difficult” Discuss with
reference to electronic media.

(b) Sales Promotions are conceived and designed with a specific purpose. Discuss with two suitable examples.

4. (a) Make a visit to an Advertising Agency in your location and try to study the major functions and responsibilities in rendering their  services.

(b) Why and when it is essential to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign? Justify with two examples of your choice.

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