MS 68 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2017

1(a) What do you understand by the term Marketing Communication? Discuss the concept of marketing communication as a tool for market development strategies.
(b) Why and how different set of people buy the same brand/ product for different reasons? Identify the buying motives for the following
(i) Expensive Smart Phones.
(ii) Wellness Products for Women and Men

2 (a) Discuss the concept of Promotion Strategy and Tactics with suitable illustration. Suggest a suitable planning framework for the below mentioned
(i) Chinese Smart Phone Brand for Indian market
(ii) Indian Railway Contemplating Introduction of Bullet Trains
(b) What is Media? How does the role of media impact a business? Discuss the rapid growth of Indian media and the media options available to the marketers thus making marketing communication decisions more complex. Explain with reference to electronic media.

3(a) Sales Promotion and Trade Promotion are conceived, developed and designed with a purpose. Discuss with suitable examples of your choice the main drivers for such promotions.
(b) Distinguish Publicity and Public relations in a manufacturing as well as a service enterprise by clearing elucidating the various tasks undertaken by each of these vehicles of communication.

4(a) Try and make a visit to an Advertising Agency in your location or you are familiar with and prepare a note on the structure, and the diverse functions that the agency undertakes in offering their services.
(b) How does marketing communications strategy vary with the different stages of Product Life Cycle? Explain with reference to introduction and decline stage of a FMCG and a consumer durable of your choice.

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