MS 8 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Explain the concept of Maxima & Minima and discuss its managerial applications.

2. The average sales of a product for a particular week, excluding Sunday, were reported by the city departmental store as 150 units. Sunday being a national festival, there was heavy rush of sales which inflated average sales for the entire week to 210 units. Find the sales for Sunday.

3. A box contains 2 red, 3 black, and 5 white balls. If 3 balls are drawn at random without replacement, find the probabilities that a) all 3 are black, b) two are red and one black, c) at least one is white.

4. A firm is manufacturing two brands, A and B, of battery cells. It claims that the average life of brand A cells is more than that of brand B cells by 100 hrs, the variances of the two brands being the same. To maintain this standard, two independent samples of 12 cells of each brand are selected on the 20th of every month and a t value of the difference of sample means computed. The firm is satisfied with its claim if the computed t value falls between ±t0.025. A sample of 12 cells of brand A gives a mean life of 1200 hrs and variance of 49 hrs, and that of 12 cells of brand B gives a mean life of 1095 hrs and variance of 64 hrs. Comment on the outcome of the sample results.

5. Discuss the stochastic models developed by Box and Jenkins for time series analysis.

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