MS 92 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Briefly discuss the various organizational forms which a Public Sector Enterprise can take?

2. Explain the ideal way in which the Government should interact with Public Enterprises to facilitate their operations in public interest.

3. What is the need for setting up of State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs)? Discuss in detail with reference to any SLPE of your choice.

4. Describe the Composition of the Board for the Management of Administration of Public Enterprises. Examine how does it enjoy wider responsibilities than the Boards of Private Sector Enterprises?

5. What are the benefits from privatization? Explain how change of ownership improves efficiency?

6. Write short notes on the following:-

(a) Navaratna Dispensation

(b) Performance of Ports

(c) Labour Redundancy


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