MS 62 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2020

1. a) Distinguish and discuss the term “Sales” and “Selling” with suitable examples. What is a sales strategy? Explain the various activities/ tasks that a sales managers should consider in designing a sales strategy for the firm. Discuss with a hypothetical example.

b) Why it is essential to possess a sound knowledge of computer system and its application areas in sales management function? Discuss with an example.

2. a) What is Selling process? Discuss the various stages involved in Selling process in the following situation.
i) Salesman selling computer systems for an educational institution.
ii) Salesman promoting banking products for individuals.

b) What do you understand by the term “Skill”? What are the various skills that a salesman ought to possess in a sales profession? Illustrate with a suitable example.

3. a) What are Sales displays? Explain with examples the different types of displays available to the retailer in effectively managing for customer pull.

b) Assume that you have been assigned the task of recruitment and selection of sales force. What recruitment sources and selection tools would you employ and why in the following situations?
i) Missionary Salesmen for Pharma company
ii) Engineering graduates for an automobile company

4. a) Elaborate the importance of training sales force at all the levels in an organization. Discuss the steps involved in the training process in the following situations.
i) Management graduates joined as management trainee with a MNC firm.
ii) Product knowledge and its application areas (Technical) for Diploma holders.

b) As a sales manager, discuss the key considerations in the preparation of sales budget for sales department so as to effectively plan, co-ordinate and control all the activities. Prepare an essay by taking an hypothetical example of your choice.

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