MS 1 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2018

  1. Briefly describe the Management processes. Explain any one of them with respect to its significance and importance in organisational performance and efficiency. Explain with your organisational experience. Briefly describe the organisation, you are referring to.
    2.What are the techniques used in different steps of Decision-making? Based on your organisational experience, discuss the importance and rules of Brainstorming in the
    process. Briefly describe the organisation and the situation, you are referring to.
    3. What are the major antecedent conditions for change? Based on your organisational
    experience, discuss the necessity or otherwise of ‘why all organisations must change’
    in the background of ‘how an organisation grows’. Explain the situation and organisational settings you are referring to.
    4. Base on your organisational experience/exposure critically discuss the role and impact of formal and informal groups on ‘Management’. Briefly describe the organsational setting, you are referring to.

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