MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2019

Q1. Explain how environmental perceptive of HRM helps in developing effective Human resource management system. Explain why personnel research is a major component of HRM function.

Q2. Discuss in detail why Socialisation, Mobility and separation are important things to consider, in order developing effective and efficient workforce within an organisation. Explain how compensation structure of an organisation proved to be a motivator for employees.

Q3. Why there is a need of Human resource planning and what major problems an organisation may encounter during HRP process? What are the focal point of Job analysis and why critical incident technique is one of the effective techniques of Job analysis?

Q4. Explain how HRIS transforming HRM and simplifying performance appraisal process? How competency mapping can help in building trust between employees and managers?

Q5. What is team efficiency and role efficacy? How these can be enhanced? Discuss how grievances can be identified and redressed? Explain how trade unions and employer association strengthens the status of employer employee relations.

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