MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. “In the prevailing context of business world wide, the organizations are faced with five critical challenges viz;

  • Globalisation,
  • Profitability through growth,
  • Technology,
  • Intellectual capital and Change, and
  • Change and more change,

Collectively these challenges require building new capabilities.”

Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts with respect to the organisational efforts in the directions of addressing these challenges and their fall out / impact, from the experience you have had while working in an organisation or from the ones you are familiar with. Give relevant details of the organisation/s you are referring to.

2. Present a brief account of various Performance Appraisal methods and the problems generally encountered in the processes. Does a particular method of Performance Appraisal suit a particular type of organisation? If yes, why? , if no why? Explain and critically evaluate the Performance Appraisal you have come across while working in an organisation, or having familiarity with. Briefly explain the organisation, you are referring to.

3. “An organisation can be defined as a system of Roles, while a role itself is a system.” “The system of various roles which the individual carries and performs, and the system of various roles of which his / her role is a part.” Elaborate the statements and explain with relevant examples as to how and why these
statements assume importance and play significant role in processes of various dimensions of Role Efficacy in an organisational set up. Give relevant and essential details of the organization and the Roles you are referring to.

4. “Motivational Systems and Reward Management are assuming greater importance day- by-day in the formal organisational set up.” Critically evaluate this statement and explain with your organizational experience or the ones you are familiar with, the reason and their inevitability, if any, in the functioning /
sustainability of an organisation in today’s competitive environment. Briefly describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to.

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