MS 21 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2018


1. Describe the emerging scenario of organizations. Explain the steps to be taken by management into
bring in the mindset of employees conducive to changing reality of business in an organization you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.

2. Explain the relevance of behaviour modification in organizations and briefly discuss the role of ethics in behaviour modification.

3. Briefly discuss how organizational culture can be developed and describe the attributes of work culture and their relevance.

4. Describe the process of perception. How behaviour is influenced by perception? Explain with the help of examples

5. Roles and norms are control mechanisms of groups. Discuss with the help of examples.


1. Discuss the modern theories of leadership citing relevant examples.

2. Differentiate between counseling, guidance and psychotherapy. Explain various approaches to counseling with the help of examples,

3. Explain any two theories of motivation citing relevant examples,

4. What is organisational citizenship behaviour? Discuss different approaches to OCB.

5. Explain the statement, “Words are symbols and meaning exist in mind”. Supplement with relevant

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