MS 24 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Explain the historical perspective of Industrial relations in India. Discuss the issues and challenges facing by the organizations related to industrial relations in an organization you are familiar with.

2. Explain the meaning, origin and growth of trade unions in India. Describe the present trade union scenario of an industrial area with which you are familiar. What are your suggestions for strengthing the trade unions in India.

3. Explain the concept and objectives of Workers Participation in Management (WPM). Describe the structure, levels of participation, degrees and forms of participative management in an organization you are familiar with.

4. Explain the meaning and context of grievance. Describe various approaches of grievance resolution in your opinion which approach is most effective and why?

5. Describe the new perspectives of 1990s. Discuss the implications of post modernism for employment relations. Explain the latest developments in HRM for industrial relations issues with suitable examples.

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