MS 24 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2019

Q1. Discuss in brief various privileges and rights enshrined in Indian constitutions for fair labour practices? How employer organisation, manager union and trade union in India has transformed the relation of employer and employee.

Q2. What are the recent trends in the labour supply that fluctuates with demographic, economic and societal conditions? Explain with the help of examples how collective bargaining in private sector is different from public sector.

Q3. Articulate various issues involved in the Participative Forums in India and how these forums should be design to address these issues.

Q4. How leaders perform a significant role in strategic management? What do you understand by corporate culture and relevance of ethics and values for a corporate culture?

Q5. How globalisations exert influence on employment relation? “Individualism vs. Collectivism” and “Trust and integrity” are key recent developments in employment relation for an effective employer- employee relationship, explain.

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