MS 26 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2019

1. What is group cohesion and alienation? Why do groups reach to alienation situation in an organizational set up? Briefly explain with organizational examples citing your own experience or the ones you are aware of. Substantiate your reply with the organizational situation and setup, you are referring to.

2. Explain and differentiate between stress and burn out. Explain different coping strategies in respect of different role stresses and burn out. Cite examples from your own experience of having faced such situation or the ones you are aware of. Briefly describe the dynamics of organizational situation and individual role / event, you are referring to in support of your reply.

3. Define and differentiate between transactional and transformational leadership. Why do organizations feel the need of transformational leadership? Explain with examples referring to the transformational process and the alignment undertaken by a leader in any organizational set up. Cite examples from your own experience, or you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization and the context, you are referring to.

4. Why is management of diversity assuming greater importance in today’s organizations? What are the advantages and implications of workforce diversity in today’s organizations? Explain with examples you are aware of. Briefly describe the organizational set up and dynamics, you are referring to.

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