MS 26 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. What is alienation? Explain the Sociological and Psychological approach to alienation. Discuss how alienation can be dealt with an example.

Answer. Alienation refers to a condition in social relationships indicated by a low level of integration. Read on What are the Causes of Alienation

2. Describe how stress can be managed and identify the strategies to cope with stress and burn out. Illustrate with reference to an organisation as to what strategies they use to deal with stress.

Answer. Most of us experience stres in our lives. Read How to manage stress at workplace

3. Discuss the importance of delegation and the forces which influence delegation. Describe how delegation improved the effectiveness of an organisation with an example.

4. Describe the importance of ethics in present day environment of organisations. Discuss how organisations can promote ethical behavior. Illustrate.

Answer. Ethics refer to the the principles and values a person uses to control his activities and decisions. Read about ethics

5. Discuss and describe various dimensions of Diversity and the approaches to deal with Diversity.

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