MS 56 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. “Materials management contains an integrated process of materials flow, in, through and out of an organization”. Comment and talk about the reasons behind it!

2. Comment:

a. Sound ethical principles contribute toward better buyer-seller relationships.
b. Management of supplier network has become a contemporary and critical issue?

3. “Certain elements of JIT, like JIT purchasing, can be incorporated in a batch production environment using MRP II, and MRP with JIT may be quite useful and effective in bringing down inventory levels, particularly WIP inventory”. State the reasons behind this.

4. State the role of backlog list in a CONWIP system. Also compare the Kanban and CONWIP systems for controlling WIP inventories?

5. What are the objectives of a good warehouse layout? Is it always not possible to implement a good warehouse layout? Comment on the management strategy keeping cost and time factors in mind.

6. Write short notes on:
a. BIN Cards
b. Closed/Open stores system
c. Preservation of materials

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