MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. (a) Distinguish and discuss the concept of Marketing and elements of Marketing mix.
(b) What do you understand by the term “Marketing Strategy”? Pickup two examples of your choice from the recent past and explain how the strategy adopted by the firm/brand lead to its success.

2. (a) What makes services marketing differ form product marketing? Discuss with suitable examples.
(b) Elaborate on the importance of Marketing Plan in accompling the firms marketing objectives.

3. (a) As a Market Planning Manager, you have been assigned the task of designing a suitable marketing organization for a consumer durable company for its South Indian operations. How would you go about in the design and establishing the marketing organization? You may make assumption wherever necessary.

(b) Discuss the major objectives of Segmentation. When and why marketers undertake segmentation activity? Discuss the segmentation bases for the following:
i) 50. C.C. moped
ii) Pricing of tickets in multiplexes /cinema Halls.

4. (a) Consumer behavior is the starting point for any new product/service idea to pursue. Do you agree with the statement? If yes or no, Substantiate.
(b) Explain the concepts of Product Life Cycle (PLC) with a suitable example. Discuss how PLC can use as a tool for market development. Illustrate with an example of your choice.

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