MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2019

1. (a) What do you understand by the terms “Needs and Wants”? Why and when these terms assume significance in the context of marketing. Elaborate with a hypothetical example of your choice. What is marketing? Discuss the various tasks necessary for successful marketing.

(b) Distinguish strategy from marketing strategy. Explain the process involved in the formulation of marketing strategy for the following:-
(i) Knocked down furniture.
(ii) Battery operated small sized passenger car

2. (a) What is a product? When and why do firms generally diversity their product portfolio? Discuss
with an example from FMCG category.

(b) Describe the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC). Select any two brands in the recent past where PLC concept was considered as tool for market development. Discuss.

3. (a) Distinguish product from Brand. What are the various branding decisions that are available for marketers with regard to brand name situation in the following:-
(i) New Product offering by the firm.
(ii) Premium/Niche variant of an existing product.

(b) Discuss the major determinants of pricing and their limitations if any for the following:-
(i) FMCG Product
(ii) Home Appliances (Non electronic)
(iii) Cab Services for an organized player

4. (a) What is personal selling? Discuss the steps involved in the selling process for the following:
(i) Software product for Banking Sector
(ii) Industrial Water Purifier.

(b) What is sales forecasting? Select the most commonly used methods by the marketers and the reasons for their choice. Explain the role of distribution channel in the success of a brand.


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