MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2018

1. (a) What do you understand by the term marketing? Taking two examples of your choice highlight the importance of “Transaction” in the whole process of marketing.

Ans : ….marketing which states the role of marketing to…. concerned with the way in which… of marketing involves an… the origin of marketing can… in the fact that marketing emphasis on the..
Thus, to be termed as a marketing … The essence of this is… Therefore it can be concluded that marketing as a….

(b) Critically evaluate the significance of marketing function in the Indian economy post economic reforms of 1990’s. Prepare an essay highlighting the level of economic and social development, (you may access secondary data from various sources).

Ans : In Indian economy, the significance of the marketing management could be described in the following way…. it is very necessary to increase the… could develop only when our… of view too, the marketing occupies… and market analysis the … only when we could develop the new marketing methods….

…In discussing the relevance of marketing in a… like India we should…. unemployment. So marketing effort is needed at a…. the economy, which in turn facilitates the… India, it is believed that about …. of Indian industrial development during this century, you will find that several Indian industrialists began….

2. (a) What are the constituents of marketing mix? Discuss each of them in strategy formulation. Pickup an example one each from an FMCG and consumer durable of your choice and explain their role in strategy formulation.

Ans : The marketing mix simply refers to th…. marketing plan…. is indirectly proportional to its availability in the market….. The marketing mix is a significant tool for creating the….. a vital part in your overall marketing approach…. The mix helps in determining which marketing…. that your marketing mix decisions also have an…. the marketing mix strategy goes hand in …. They are responsible for directly selling the product as well as for… and hence the customers get the right value ….

(b) Why and when marketers, evaluate, and monitor consumer behavior? Elaborate by taking a suitable example where consumer behavior has largely played a key role in the success of the product/brand.

3. (a) Discuss segmenting targeting and positioning strategies. What are the advantages that a firm accrue from effective segmentation? Discuss the bases of segmentation for the following products.
i) Food processors.
ii) Perfume for women.

(b) Distinguish a product from a service offering. What are the distinguish characteristics of services that make them different from product /goods. Illustrate with an example.

Ans : The biggest difference between ….. while services are in…. before deciding to make a purchase. Items such as… In some cases, it actually may be… attorney, that time can never be…. may have difficulty giving the same…. issues through production….of service they get from a particular… where a service is rendered upon…. what the customers really desire such that they can….

4. (a) Discuss the concept of Product Life Cycle(PLC). Develop suitable marketing strategies for the following products that may be used at the introduction and maturity stage of the PLC.
i) Audio Music System
ii) Packaged fruit juices.

Ans : The product life cycle is an important concept in marketing. It describes ….. stage. Some continue to … factor, capturing the attention of … advantage are a useful reference… continually broke new ground in design and….
…is needed to generate awareness of the product … necessary to launch the product…. brand and hence there was a… than one it has worked in the favor of the brand…. users. A product that might be in the… can also extend the product’s maturity stage.

(b) Discuss the major pricing methods that are available for the marketers to effectively price their product.

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