MS 61 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Differentiate between organizational buying and individual buying. Taking any product of your choice for your personal purchase and for organizational purposes, explain the differences.

2. Briefly explain the concept of family life cycle. Which stage of the family life cycle could constitute a lucrative segment for the following? Giver reasons for your answer. Recommend a positioning strategy for each:
(a) Pizza (Takeaway and delivery only)
(b) Branded Gold Jewellery

3. ABC is a prominent company in the travel and vacation industry (both domestic and international).
(a) Describe how the company can use VALS
(b) Which segments should it target and why?

4. Explain the relevance of studying Howard Sheth Model of consumer behaviour for a marketer.

5. What is the need to study post purchase behaviour of consumers? Explain its implications for the marketers of consumer durables like refrigerators and washing machines.

6. Why is information search behaviour important to the marketers? Explain giving suitable examples.

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