MS 62 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2014

1. (a) Explain the Personal Selling Process. Discuss the importance of “Sales Resistance” in the selling process. Take a hypothetical situation of such resistance and suggest suitable steps to resolve the same.
(b)What do you understand by the term Negotiation? Discuss.

2. (a) Why Sales Force monitoring system is essential in an enterprise? Discuss the objectives and briefly explain the various criteria used to monitor sales team of a company selling industrial products.
(b) Explain the typical structure of a Presentation.

3. (a) Discuss the factors influencing design of compensation schemes of sales force in thefollowing situations.

a) Pharma Sales Personnel – Missionary Selling
b) OTC Products Sales Men
c) Technical Sales & Services Personnel

(b) Discuss the importance of communication in Sales function.

4. (a) What is Sales Organization? Describe the process of designing a sales organization.
(b)What are the basic responsibilities of a sales man? Explain.

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