MS 65 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2014

1. What are the implications of the services marketing triangle? Explain giving suitable examples.

2. Give some examples of services that are high in credence qualities. How do high credence qualities affect consumer behavior for these services? Discuss.

3. Describe the non-monetary costs involved in the following services:
(a) Health services
(b) Home loans

4. Select a service organization of your choice
(a) Identify its patterns of demand. Do demand levels following a predictable cycle or change randomly? What are the underlying causes of these variations?
(b) What is the nature of this service organization’s approach to capacity and demand management?
(c) What changes would you recommend in relation to its management of capacity and demand? Why?

5. Why do customers switch service providers? Can you do anything as a marketer to prevent the customers from switching? Discuss.

6. (a) Explain the importance of branding of financial services giving suitable examples.
(b) Explain the importance of physical evidence for an educational institute.

7. The GATS conceives of services as being traded internationally through four modes. Explain these four modes and give specific examples of each.

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