MS 65 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Do you agree with the following statements? Justify your answer giving suitable examples.

(a) Growth in services is at the expense of manufacturing sector of the economy.
(b) In the case of services, consumers rely more on personal sources of information for pre-purchase evaluation.
(c) Service guarantees are beneficial for all the service firms.
(d) Customer waiting can be managed only by operations management.
(e) Service quality evaluations are not made solely on the basis of the outcome of the service, they also involve evaluation of the process of service delivery.

2. Study activity 4 given on page 47 (unit 10) of Block 3 of your course material and prepare your plan of action for the same.

3. Explain how important it is for a hotel located at a hill station to use „promotions‟ during off season. Also identify possible sales promotion schemes it can offer.

4. Explain the importance of physical evidence for the following:
(a) An airline
(b) A distance education institute

5. Study the „Case Situation‟ given on page 34 (unit 9) of Block 3 of your course material and evaluate the “preferred guest card” scheme.

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