MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. a) What is Marketing Research? When and why firms undertake marketing research. Illustrate with suitable example.
b) Explain the basis of classification of various types of research design available to the marketer.

2. a) Distinguish Data firm Information. What are the different types of data needed in conducting Marketing Research Project? Briefly discuss their merits and limitations.
b) Explain the importance of Questionnaire in a Marketing Research project. Describe indetail the format and steps involved in designing a questionnaire for a leading private sector bank to ascertain the customer perception of the services being offered by the bank.

3. a) What are the various types of scales used in Marketing Research to measure the attitude of different respondent towards a product / service explain them briefly.
b) Distinguish between qualitative research from quantitative research and highlight the major differences with suitable examples.

4. a) What is the significance of Data Processing in an Marketing Research Project? Discuss the various components or elements which are involved in data processing task and highlight their importance in the final analysis.
b) What is cluster analysis? Discuss the possible application areas by taking any two examples of your choice.

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