MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. a) What do you understand by the term Marketing Research? Why it is necessary for firms to seriously consider and undertake research activities on a continuous basis? Elaborate with suitable example of your choice.

b) Make a visit to any firm/company from you location on you are associated with and try to study how marketing research activities are being initiated, conducted and implemented in the firm. Report your observations and offer your recommendations accordingly.

2. a) What is research design? Briefly discuss the four types of research design. You are familiar with. Illustrate each of these methods accordingly.

b) In the entire research process, data collection is the key activity which enables to archive the set research objectives. Critically discuss and evaluate the above statement with suitable illustration.

3. a) Discuss the various sources of collecting primary data and secondary data for a marketing research project.

b) What is sampling? Discuss the major sampling techniques available to the researcher for undertaking a research project. Comment on their limitation.

4. a) Design and construct a suitable questionnaire for the following:

i) Primary survey to be conducted to study the customer satisfaction among motorcycle owner.
ii) Television viewing habits among senior citizens (retired and elderly)
iii) Commuters perception and amenities offered by state road transport organizations.
b) Distinguish qualitative research and quantitative research with suitable illustrations.

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