MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2018

1. (a) Define Marketing Research. How and why marketing research assumes significance as an important link between the consumer and the marketer. Discuss

(b) Explain the various types of research designs that a marketer can consider in undertaking marketing research activities for the marketing problems faced by the firm.

2. (a) What is data in research? Why and when data collection becomes relevant in a research project? Discuss with a suitable example.

(b) Discuss the basic concepts in sampling and the steps involved in sampling process.

3. (a) What is Qualitative research? Identity and discuss the areas where qualitative research can be used in marketing.

(b) Elaborate the importance of editing, coding, classification tabulation and presentation of data in the context of research studies. Elaborate

4. (a) What is cluster analysis? What are its possible areas of application in marketing situations?

(b) Koffee Enterprise was established with a presence across the entire coffee value chain from procuring, processing and roasting of coffee beans to retailing coffee products across various formats. The company has pioneered the coffee culture by launching coffee outlets in late 90’s. Today Koffee enterprise has the country’s largest footprint with multi format outlets enjoying a market share of around 45% in the organized café segment spread across 220 cities with 1540 outlets. The introduction of the bean-to-cup format in the café segment at competitive prices has revolutionized the coffee drinking habits thus driving out-of-home consumption by installing 30,900 vending machines and 560 kiosks across the country. Management has found that the vending machine and kiosk business contributed very little to the overall business and has remarkably declined in terms of consumption thus impacting a drop in the revenues. You have been hired by the company to undertake research and offer your recommendations and future course of action to revive this line of business back on the track.

Question :

(a) Prepare a marketing research proposal to help Koffee enterprise.
(b) Develop questionnaire to undertake a personal survey for the following set of respondents:

(i) For consumers to capture personal information and their perception, patronage and satisfaction with various aspects of the format.
(ii) Owners of the vending machines/kiosks to get insights of the reasons for poor patronage, competition and consumer experience.

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