MS 68 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2019

1. (a) Explain the concept and role of marketing communication in an enterprise in accomplishing the goals of both the enterprise and the consumer. Illustrate with a suitable example.

(b) What is Promotion mix? Discuss the elements of promotion mix that are available for marketers. Highlight the benefits and limitations of these elements.

2. (a) What is communication strategy? What framework should marketer consider while planning for promotion strategy. Explain with an example.

(b) As a communication manager what strategic and creative considerations you would take into account while planning for advertising compaign. Clearly list out both the strategic and creative considerations and justify giving reasons for the following.
(i) Low priced LED
(ii) Noiseless generator

3. (a) What do you understand by the term media in marketing communication? Discuss the various types of mass media available for Indian advertisers with their strengths and limitation.

(b) What are the major objectives of consumer promotions? Explain the steps involved in organizing and managing these promotion in the following situation.
(i) Price off-Schemes
(ii) Inventory clearance of ready made garments

4. (a) What is Direct Marketing? Discuss the evolution, characteristics and growth in the Indian context. You may use various sources for collecting information.

(b) What is an advertising agency? Discuss its role and elaborate how these agencies are helpful to the firm/client. What are the various ‘C’ and their role in planning a communication strategy? Discuss

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