MS 68 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. (a) Explain the concept of Marketing Communication. What marketing communication tools would you recommend in the following situations?
(a) Newly introduced diesel midsize car launched by a leading Japanese car maker.
(b) Change in company logo.

(b) What is mass media? In what situation is mass media employed? Pickup any two examples of your choice and explain its relevance.
2. (a) Suggest what message strategies and order of presentation should be used for the following products and services and why?
(a) Safe driving habits for youth
(b) SUV from a leading automobile company

(b) Discuss the relevance and significance of creativity in adverting with suitable Illustrations.

3. (a) Explain advertising pre-testing and post testing with two examples for each of these activities.
(b) Discuss briefly the different forms of marketing communication available to the marketer or advertiser and the benefits and limitations associated with each of these methods.

4. (a) Discuss at length the role and responsibilities of an Adverting agency in providing suitable services to its clients.
(b) What are the reasons for internet growing as a strong medium for adverting and marketing? Discuss.

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