Management of Machines and Materials Question Paper December 2017

1. (a) Explain with the help of suitable diagram the framework of planning, organising and control in a production system.

(b) What are the major distinctions between a manufacturing organization and a service organization ? Discuss with suitable examples.

2. (a) Which factors are most important in determining the location of a garment plant ? Briefly explain the reasons for your answer.

(b) What types of layout would you suggest in designing a big hospital ? Discuss.

3. (a) Define the concept of Standard Tirne. Explain dearly the steps involved in arriving at the standard time of an activity in a cyclic job.

(b) List the important factors that must be addressed in job design and briefly discuss the importance of each one of them.

4. (a) Enumerate the main functions of PPC and discuss each of these briefly.

(b) What is a critical path ? Why is it so important in scheduling and controlling large projects ? Can a critical path change during the course of a project ? Explain clearly.

5. (a) Discuss various steps in value engineering program.

(b) Define Acceptance Sampling. Describe single sampling plans with advantages and disadvantages.

6. (a) Explain how would you proceed in designing a waste disposal system for a manufacturing enterprise.

(b) Briefly discuss the store accounting and verification system.

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