MS 61 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2020

1. Imagine yourself as a retailer for menswear and propose how you would use lifestyle approach to succeed in your venture.

2. Explain the concept of learning and discuss its marketing applications.

3. Discuss the characteristics that distinguish organisational buying from individual buying. Taking the example of purchase of a computer for your personal use and for organisational purpose, explain the differences.

4. Explain the concept of family life cycle. Which stage(s) of the family life cycle could constitute a lucrative segment for the following? Give reasons for your answer.
(a) Life insurance policy
(b) Educational toys
(c) Branded gold jewellery.

5. What is the need to study post purchase behaviour of consumers? Explain its implications for marketers of consumer durables.

6. Define culture and subculture. Discuss the importance of sub-cultural segmentation for food products.

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