MS 91 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2020

1. Explain corporate policy formulation process and examine the importance of formulating a corporate policy in today’s changing scenario.

2. Describe the role of the Board in strategic management. What according to you, are the factors that influence the effectiveness of Board?

3. Read the case study ‘Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. (RLL)’ from Block-3 of MS-91 and identify the various modes of entry Ranbaxy has adopted in different regions. What are the pros and cons of each mode of entry?

4. Explain the concept of creativity. Taking the example of a creative organization explain how does creativity contribute to the success of an organization.

5. List the ways in which corporate philanthropy is undertaken and comment on the relevance of strategic philanthropy for business organizations.

6. Write notes on the following:
(a) Business Ethics
(b) Value Systems and IT
(c) Multi domestic Strategy
(d) Components of Corporate Strategy

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