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MS 94 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. How does managing technology help in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage? Explain with the help of an example from the business world. 2. What do you understand by ‘Information Technology Revolution’? Cite relevant examples to support your answer. 3. Think of a recent technological innovation which has changed the way people think. List out the major features of this innovation and how these features can be used to develop a communication strategy for the target market. 4. Read the recent policy changes related to technology and list out various options available for … [Read more...]

MS 91 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1.  Discuss various pricing strategies available to firms under different market structures, giving examples. 2. State the characteristics of a dynamic market and identify the strategic choices in a dynamic environment. 3. Describe the steps involved in developing R & D strategy. Select an organization (of your choice) and discuss how it has developed an effective R & D strategy. 4. Citing real world examples, comment on how the success of corporate planning depends on its implementation. 5.Select an organization of your choice (name & describe the organization) and … [Read more...]

MS 68 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. (a) Discuss the concept and role of marketing communication in the following situations . (i) Product Marketing (ii) Social Marketing (b) Explain the consumer behavior variables that help enable in the development of marketing communication. 2. (a) Briefly explain the strategic consideration and creative consideration associated in campaign planning for the following products & services. (i) newly introduced electric car. (ii) state road transport services. (b) What is celebrity advertising? Discuss with two examples its relevance in today’s business environment. Enumerate … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. (a) When and why Marketing Research is undertaking is an organizations? Suggest some possible areas of application of M.R. (b) List out and briefly explain the major problems associated in undertaking M.R. in India. 2 . (a) What is Research Designs? Describe briefly the various kinds of research designs and their application for different research situations. (b) Discuss the role and scope of data collection in Marketing Research Project. 3. (a) What are sample designs in Marketing Research. Briefly explain the various types of probability sampling methods available to the … [Read more...]

MS 27 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Explain the concept and role of compensation. Describe the compensation structure of any organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to. 2. Explain the need, object and scope of the minimum wages Act, 1948. Describe the various methods of fixation /revision of minimum wages under the minimum wages Act. Discuss, can the employer discriminate the women employee in respect to wages. 3. Define job evaluation. Describe the various methods and systems of job - evaluation. Discuss, how job evaluation is linked with wage fixation, citing example … [Read more...]

MS 25 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Briefly discuss the relevance of change in organizations, enlist the types of change and describe the factors contributing to change citing suitable examples. 2. Discuss the concept of ‘process-based change’. Cite organizational examples where process based change has taken place successfully. 3. Describe the approaches and methods of evaluating change. Illustrate few examples of evaluation of organizational change. 4. Explain the concept of organizational diagnosis. Describe any two methods of diagnosis and its benefits and limitations with the help of examples. 5. Write an … [Read more...]

MS 58 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1.“R & D is a learning process and helps in capability building”. Explain by citing relevant examples of firms/nations. 2. Critically evaluate the R & D infrastructure in India. What needs to be further done in this respect? 3. What are the different hierarchical models of R & D organization? Compare their merits and demerits. 4. Briefly discuss about inhouse R & D units in the private sector. What are the purposes of such units? By who are they recognized? Is there any criteria for their recognition? 5.Write short notes on: a) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs b) Management of … [Read more...]

MS 57 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. How can maintenance affect the life cycle profits of any equipment and plant? 2.What is the importance of maintenance budgeting? Give the advantages of Zero Based Budget. 3. Why do you need performance measurements for a process? Discuss a suitable measurement framework for quality maintenance. 4. “RCM methodology focuses on the maintenance of functions rather than the equipment per se”. Comment.. 5. Write short notes on a) Terotechnology b) ‘Vital Few vs Trivial Many’ and Pare to Chart. … [Read more...]

MS 56 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Refer the cover page of the study material of MS - 56 Materials Management. What is reflected in the figure given on that? Also distinguish between Logistics and materials management. 2. If the responsibility for maintaining the quality of the product and incurring less cost on its production is the responsibility of the “production/ operation” and deciding the price of the product and finding the customers that will buy it comes under “marketing”. What do the “materials management function” does? 3. List the important documents that are required for purchasing products from foreign … [Read more...]

MS 55 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. “These are many possible structures for SC, but the simplest view has materials converging on an organization through tiers of suppliers and products diverging through tiers of customers”. Elaborate. 2. What is Bullwhip effect? Explain the various permutations and combinations to reduce this effect in SCM. 3. “The leading supply chain planning (SCP) products generally have many features as compared to ERP software packages” – Give your elaborate remarks on this statement. 4. Identify the need for Performance measurement in Supply Chain Management. Describe various methods and … [Read more...]

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